Gossip Girl na FNO

sábado, julho 17, 2010

Enquanto as meninas estão pela Cidade Luz, Chuck Bass está na Fashion's Nigth Out...

Page Six reports that 'Gossip Girl' will feature Vogue's fall Fashion Week kick-off event, Fashion's Night Out, in two episodes during the show's fourth season. Yesterday, Ed Westwick and his reported new on-screen love interest Clemence Poesy filmed scenes for the tie-in.

Here, the two shoot a party scene outside Diane Von Furstenberg's store in the Meatpacking District.

Walking to the party...

Poesy also switched dresses as she gets ready to film a scene while 'Gossip Girl''s adoring fans look on.

The pair film another Fashion's Night Out scene in front of DVF.

Here, he rehearses a scene with Kelly Rutherford. Fellow Vogue editor Lauren Santo Domingo was also rumored to have been on set yesterday, but photographers must not have caught her act.

Looking foward to the Season Premiére!

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  1. Tirei-o em Guimarães querida :) Na Universidade do Minho


  2. Nunca mais chegam as estreias das novas temporadas!

  3. Também estou muito ansiosa... odeio o Verão, estes quase dois meses em que existe a total ausência de series!

    **, bejinho sU


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